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About Us

Ritual Therapeutics Massage & Bodywork is located inside The Healing Light Institute in the heart of downtown Auburn Ca. We offer holistic bodywork in many different styles and modalities, from basic Swedish to deep tissue, Thai massage, cupping and more. Our focus is to aid each client in their own unique journey to a pain free, peaceful life through comprehensive bodywork and compassionate touch.

Our Philosophy

We believe that massage and bodywork is most effective when it is experienced with regularity... that massage should be a personal practice created to help ease the stresses of everyday life and developed to provide the body with the proper tools needed to heal from physical and emotional trauma and injury. As well as creating a harmonious balance of mind and body, we believe massage and bodywork should be a ritual of self.

Our Therapists


Brooke Poletti is the founder and owner of Ritual Therapeutics Massage & Bodywork and has been a bodyworker since 2000. Certified in Therapeutic Massage, ACE Massage Cupping, as a Pregnancy Massage Specialist and DFRTM Practitioner, she balances her comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology with a compassionate touch to provide a therapeutic yet deeply relaxing and nourishing experience. Brooke believes in whole body wellness and tailors each session to the specific needs of the individual and strives to facilitate the highest level of healing in each unique body. Brooke is available for appointments Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm.

Jaime Lyn Kelley brings 29 years of developing her unique style of bodywork through her experience in work, play, injury & Pilates to design and tailor the session for each clients individual needs. Utilizing Neuromuscular, as well as cranial sacral* and deep sports therapies, along with an intuitive sense to effectively facilitate relief from pain, limited mobility & stress. Her focus is on overall balance with quick visible and tangible results to meet your goals. Jaime is available for appointments Friday & Saturday 11am-6pm. Jaime is also available for on-call appointments by request Wednesday-Saturday, please call at least 24hrs in advance for on-call availability. 

Vanesa Landolt draws upon and integrates the varied healing modalities she has studied, as well 14 years of prior experience as a trauma-informed mental health professional and educator. Her massage practice is based in Lomi Lomi Pohaku (Lomi with hot stones); she loves the grounding, elemental experience of the hot stones combined with slow, flowing strokes and ocean-like rhythmic breathing of Lomi. She utilizes techniques from Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Clarity Breathwork, Aromatherapy, Sound Therapy and Reiki, in addition to her custom made CBD topical salves and soothing essential oil blends, to create nourishing therapeutic sessions that effortlessly ease the client into a wholehearted state of bliss. Vanesa also offers specified Prenatal Lomi Lomi Massage and Reiki sessions for expecting mothers.

Vanesa is available for appointments Friday- Monday 11am-1pm.

Jamii Mele has been practicing massage for 15 years. She is a deep tissue therapist integrating a thourough understanding of anatomy and physiology with an intuitive, compassionate touch that results in an incredibly relaxing and healing massage experience. Here is what Jamii has to say about her work: "I have been studying Massage and practicing Yoga for over 15 years. Right out of high school I attended Kali Institute Of Massage Therapy in Ventura Ca. There I learned multiple different modalities and realized that I had a real, deep connection to intuitive touch and deep, therapeutic body work. Over the years I have been blessed to have helped such wonderful clients heal their injuries, diminish neck pain, increase energy levels, tremedously improve quality of sleep, and give ease to sciatic pain. I am grateful to share my gift with others who want to heal their minds and bodies and I am always learning something new through this work. I am grateful to meet you and look forward healing together on this journey we call life."

Jamii is available for appointments Sunday & Monday 10am-6pm. Jamii is also available for on-call appointments by request Wednesday-Saturday, please call at least 4hrs in advance for on-call availability. 

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