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Treatments & Services

Therapeutic & Deep Tissue Massage

An integrative approach to massage and bodywork allows us to utilize the best aspects of many techniques and modalities, resulting in a  well rounded and truly therapeutic massage experience. Relax the mind and ease chronic muscle tension with deep yet gentle bodywork. Experience increased range of movement with less pain!

According to the Mayo Clinic and The American Massage Therapy Association therapeutic massage can also help decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety by lowering cortisol and increasing serotonin as well as providing compassionate touch therapy. 


Massage Cupping

Massage cupping is a technique that uses suction on the surface of the skin to draw inflammation and stagnation from the body to the surface where it is then flushed away in the lymph and circulatory systems. Some of the benefits of massage cupping include but are not limited to:


  • Clears Stagnation

  • Drains & Moves Fluids

  • Relieves Inflammation

  • Nervous System Sedation

  • Expels Congestion

  • Stretches Muscles and Connective Tissue

  • Loosens Adhesions in the Fascia

therapeutic massage

Cupping is gentle yet profoundly effective on the physical and mental bodies. Five minutes of cupping is equal to 30 minutes of deep tissue massage and can affect the tissue up to 4 inches into the body.


Pregnancy Massage​

Appropriate for all stages of pregnancy from the first trimester through to postpartum, this work is essential for relieving the pains and strains commonly associated with carrying a child. Side-lying and semi-reclined positioning assure your utmost safety and comfort! Please note that certain complications associated with high-risk pregnancy may require a medical release from your health care professional.

Thai Massage- Currently Not Available

Thai massage is a traditional therapy combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures and is performed on a floor mat while you remain fully clothed. Gentle pressure and stretching techniques are used to relax the whole body.

DFRTM Technique​

"Dynamic Fascial ResponseTM is a blend of structural therapies and foundational philosophy that produce a dialog of activation and response between the practitioner and the fascia. The response in the fascia releases holding patterns in the fascial body and, as a result, both physiological and emotional changes occur. This method resources and re-purposes stuck patterns and can heal trauma, relieve pain, improve posture and health and above all promote peace." -Chula Gemignani, CMT and Instructor and creator and of the DFRTM Technique.

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